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From whitening to contouring, American Dental Solutions, LLC is equipped to handle all your general cosmetic dentistry needs. To help you understand your options, we've included descriptions of some of our leading services on this page. We provide free consultation to all procedures with no sales pressure.

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Our Cosmetic Dentistry services include:

We also offer:

Implant Dentistry

Dental Implant Video

If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants offer the comfort and security of a permanent replacement that looks and functions just like your natural teeth. Dental implants also help preserve the tooth-supporting bone in your jaw that deteriorates when even one tooth is lost.

Emergency Dental Treatment

If you have a life-threatening or severe injury, call 911 or go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room. We can treat a variety of traumatic dental injuries, including teeth that have been chipped, moved, or knocked out entirely. Please call our office for assistance.

Initial Oral Examination
Your initial oral examination includes a visual examination, charting, periodontal probing, diagnosis and treatment recommendations. We will also take x-rays, which includes the panoramic x-ray for proper diagnosis of the anterior (front) and posterior (back) teeth as well as the bite-wing x-ray series for proper diagnosis of proximal decay of posterior teeth.

Dental Sleep Medicine (Obstructive Sleep Apnea)

Millions of Americans of all ages suffer from sleep disorders without knowing it.

Do you Snore? Are you tired?

  • Suffer from constant fatigue and drowsiness throughout the day?
  • Wake up gasping for air?
  • Accidentally falling sleep during the day / while driving?
  • Loud snoring that distrub others?
  • feeling exhausted in the morning?
  • Diagnosed with sleep apnea?
  • Problem with CPAP Therapy?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea can conribute to:

High blood pressure, heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, weight gain, adult asthma, acid reflux, higher cancer rates, car accidents.

People with sleep apnea are up to five times more likely than normal sleepers to have traffic accident.

At American Dental Solutions, Dr Zee conduct initial sleep screening with Acoustic Diagnostic Imaging Pharyngometer andd Rhinometer.

Also provides take home sleep study equipment to diagnose the severity of sleep apnea problem for a fraction of cost, compare to a full sleep laboratory study.

Based on the sleep over night study (conducted at your home; at your convenient), Dr.Zee provide oral sleep appliance therapy.

To learn more about sleep disorders and sleep apnea go to American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine patient resources: http://www.aadsm.org/whatisdentalsleepmedicine.aspx

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